Small Business Saturday, 2023 in review!

Here is a little sweet tiny story about the makings of Lottie Dot Kids and a few facts about us!
December 2022: Elayna (me, owner, far right in photo above) begins researching children's clothing manufacturers.
January 2023: First samples arrive, they are terrible.
February 2023: 5th samples come in, they are perfect
April 2023: Hydrangea dresses and trash truck shirts launch
July 2023: Gingham shorts launch
October 2023: French knot shirt explosion!
November 2023: Christmas pajama launch!
So it's been almost a year! And boy have I learned a lot!
Top 5 mistakes I've made this year
1. Trying to save money on shipping. When you do this, it means your shipment might take months to arrive.
2. Getting orders wrong! Yikes
3. Ordering samples of baby items in size 4T, it's not the worst, but it is just...interesting.
4. Something getting left out of a shipment, it has happened more times than I'd like.
5. Not doing USPS pick up and taking a car full of orders to the post office.  I mean having other people take car loads of orders to the post office. 
Top 5 things I am thankful for in this first year
1. GRACE - not a person named Grace, but your grace. Not everyone might know this but I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August, right before a big launch. It has been weird and encouraging to continue working, but just know, even when things might seem chaotic I am very proud of what we are accomplishing!
2. HANNAH - She IS a person, and when I was diagnosed she came in and helped run the ship. She is the reason things get done, and she is who you are talking to on Instagram.
3. YOU!!!! Every order, every follow, every email, every site visit! It all means so much. Dreams are beautiful and life is beautiful.
4. This should have been higher, my family. They allow inventory to flow into all areas of our already crowded home. I overhear my husband pulling up the website to show strangers (he's the best). And my son has learned to tell people that his mom made his shirt. 9/10 times he is right.
5. I know there should be more, this last one is a combo of reiterating, you! Your grace! Shipping! Learning about passing customs! The manufacturers! The USPS! I am just filled with gratitude today. 
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