Simple Elf on the Shelf Ideas 2023

Simple Elf on the Shelf Ideas 2023

Love it or hate it, some of us have committed to this little character. Here are some simple ideas for your little elf!

  1. Reading Elf: Have the elf sitting on a shelf or table with a tiny book.
  2. Hanging Around: Use a piece of string or yarn to hang the elf from a light fixture or curtain rod.
  3. Treat Delivery: Place the elf near a bowl of candies or cookies as if it's delivering treats.
  4. Hide and Seek: Hide the elf in a new spot each day for the kids to find.
  5. Marshmallow Snowball Fight: Set up a scene with the elf and some other toys having a "snowball" fight using mini marshmallows.
  6. Elf in a Cup: Place the elf inside a cup or mug in the kitchen.
  7. Elf's Notes: Leave a tiny note from the elf for the kids, thanking them for being good or giving them a simple task.
  8. Toothbrush Reminder: Have the elf holding a toothbrush next to the kids' toothpaste as a reminder to brush their teeth.
  9. Elf's Blanket Fort: Create a small fort using blankets or pillows for the elf to hide in.
  10. Sleigh Ride: Place the elf in a toy sled or on a miniature sleigh.
  11. Mischief Maker: Set up a scenario where the elf is "mischievously" messing with other toys, like stacking them or rearranging them.
  12. Elf's Coloring Corner: Provide the elf with some crayons and a small coloring book or paper.
  13. Candy Cane Swing: Use a string to create a swing for the elf using a candy cane.
  14. Elf's Toy Car Ride: Place the elf in a small toy car or vehicle.
  15. Snow Angel: Use flour or powdered sugar to make a tiny snow angel with the elf.
  16. Elf's Hideaway: Place the elf peeking out from behind a plant or flowerpot.
  17. Elf's Movie Night: Set up a small scene with popcorn and a mini DVD case to create a movie night for the elf.
  18. Elf's Adventure Map: Draw a simple map and place the elf at the starting point, indicating a fun adventure.
  19. Tea Party: Arrange a mini tea party scene with the elf and other toys using tiny cups and plates.
  20. Elf's Yoga Session: Pose the elf in a yoga position using household items as yoga props.
  21. Miniature Elf Snack: Place the elf next to a tiny snack, like a Cheerio or a small piece of fruit.
  22. Elf's Bubble Bath: Set up a bowl or container with bubbles and place the elf inside for a "bubble bath."
  23. Elf's Sweet Treat: Have the elf sitting near a jar of candy with a few pieces spilled out.
  24. Elf's Night Watch: Place the elf in a spot where it can "watch over" the kids while they sleep.
  25. Elf's Letter to Santa: Have the elf writing a tiny letter to Santa Claus using a small piece of paper and a pencil.

These ideas are simple yet delightful and can easily be set up in just a few minutes!



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