Easy Summer Popsicles

Easy Summer Popsicles

easy summer popsicles


I habitually purchase a watermelon each time I am at the grocery store. I can't help it. 

I try my best to get the best one and cut it when I get home. Sometimes I forget and wait a little too long or I pick a bad one. The watermelon is that weird puffy texture and not the best for eating. I will not waste! 




Cut up the pieces and put into the blender

Blend until smooth

Pour into reusable popsicle trays and let freeze for ~4 hours.





With the leftover (it made tons!) I made Ice cubes and strained the rest for a nice watermelon lemonade. You could also make a delicious watermelon margarita...




The kids love them. They are a healthy and fun Summer treat. 

We snacked on them outside, took the ice cubes in the bath as a fun treat too! 


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